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Sothink SWF Editor is aimed to help you edit SWF files
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SWF (small web format) is the extension used by Flash files. These files are small enough to be published on the Web as animations or applets with different functions and interactivity levels. Sothink SWF Editor is aimed to help you edit SWF files. This application is intended for designers and programmers.
At first, I thought Sothink SWF Editor would be a WYSIWYG editor, and perhaps you think the same. Well, it is not. First, it does not allow you to create a SWF file from scratch. Instead, you should load an existing file for editing. Second, when you open it, all you will find is a series of alphanumeric characters. This reinforces the idea that this program is not for the regular end user but for programming specialists.
Provided you have the necessary skills to understand the underlying code of an SWF file, let us now try to evaluate this program’s ease of use. In this regard, I consider that the developers have done their best to simplify the action of editing code. First, instead of dealing with the whole code, you can filter out those parts you do not want to mess with. For this purpose, there is a series of buttons that activate various filters related to headers, tag type, shape, image, font, text, sound, button, sprite, video, action, etc. In addition, there is a navigation pane on the left where tags are shown in a tree view. At the same time, the corresponding binary data is shown on the right. To edit the opened file, you should double-click the desired tag value to make it editable and then you can change it at will. There is also a preview button to help you view the effects of the changes you have made.
In general, this program’s main limitation is derived from its requirement of a highly specialized user. So, if you are searching for a program to help you edit SWF files easily, you had better keep searching it and I am sure that you will find one that really suits your needs.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • It is relatively easy to use
  • It allows editing SWF code


  • It does not allow to create SWF files
  • It is not a WYSIWYG editor
  • It is intended for specialists only
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